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The SL Rack Alpha-Plate is here!

Finally! We are proud to present you the SL Rack Alpha-Plate.
Designed for pitched tile roofs, this universal roof replacement panel can substitute almost any type of tile. Due to its flexible design, it adjusts to the shape of the substructure, allowing for universal application.

Benefit of the well-thought-out design for a time-saving and easy installation experience:

  • Universal roof replacement panel for almost any type of tile
  • Up to 60% reduction of roof attachments
  • Suitable for high snow loads (up to 1500 kg)
  • Optimized warehousing
  • Mechanical cutting unnecessary; no more broken tiles!
  • Only one tool required: Torx TX40
  • Height of rail easily adjustable with pre-installed Clamp Combination
  • Installer-friendly „top-down“ design: just place the rail onto the Clamp Combination. Tightening the screw fixates the rail as well as locks in the height of the rail in only one step
  • Sealed with a riveted, UV-resistant EPDM rubber sleeve and raised panel sides
  • Wind calmed zones are created in the corrugated depressions; this allows the water to flow straight downwards
  • Integrated snow- and ice deflector
  • Installation as single- or cross-rail system

SL Rack PITCHED ROOF products: Whether tilted or roof parallel, single or modular, we offer the perfect solution.

SL Rack GROUND MOUNT systems:
Flexible, single- or dual-post, Pile-driven, drill & grout or ballasted, Designed to regional codes.


SL Rack CARPORT solutions:
Light construction, simple installation – available as single or double cantilever.


SL Rack FLAT ROOF solutions:
Fast installation, low part count, robust design with 10 or 15° tilt, south or east/west orientation.

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Intelligent Rooftop Systems

SL Rack GmbH offers you an intelligent modular system. With SL Rack components you do not only minimize your administration, warehousing and logistics, you also save time due to the easy installation. All SL Rack products complement each other, no need for numerous custom-made components. However, individual client requests can always be considered.

With only five components you can install a solar system on almost any tile roof.

1 Roof hook – height adjustable

1 Module mounting rails – various sizes for any static requirement

1 Connectors for module mounting rails – same static values as rails

1 Mid clamp – for frame heights 30-50 mm

1 End clamp – for frame heights 30-50 mm